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Adam Richman Pairs ‘Straight Up Tasty’ Dishes with Alamos Wines in The Daily Meal Kitchen

Adam Richman Pairs ‘Straight Up Tasty’ Dishes with Alamos Wines in The Daily Meal Kitchen

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Adam Richman doesn’t consider himself a chef, but he would like to think that he’s a “darn good cook,” and to quote Richman’s own take on the distinction, that’s because “there’s a degree of erudition and classical training that’s commensurate with calling oneself a chef, and I think that keeping it 100 is very, very important.”

That being said, Richman is grateful for the chefs that did open their doors to a young kid “who knew a thing or two about a thing or two” — allowing him, as a young actor, to qualify for a certain Travel Channel program you may recognize as Man v. Food.

Years later, Richman has enjoyed plenty of success, but he remains connected to the value-oriented approach to food. Raised in Brooklyn by a single mom who could “rub two nickels and turn them into a dollar,” and not so many years removed from those of a struggling New York performer, Richman takes deep comfort in the idea of eating affordably, and showing his fans how to do the same.

When Richman was approached by Alamos Wine for its “Dare to Pair” campaign, he was eager to team up, for a second time, with the company known for America’s favorite malbec, and for its incredible affordability, at around $13 per bottle. The campaign highlights the versatility of Alamos wines, from the malbec to the fruity torrontes.

“The fact that this wine was getting 88s and 89s on the Robert Parker scale, for south of 20 bucks a bottle — I really like that idea of ‘you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot.’” For context, competing wines from Alamos’ native Argentina generally go for upwards of $100 for scores of 90 and above, out of a maximum 100 points.

As part of his partnership with Alamos, two recipes from his latest cookbook, Straight Up Tasty, feature recipes designed to pair with Alamos — the malbec burger with creole mustard tomato jam and the “Sloppy ‘Zo.” The full menu for the evening also featured Richman’s takes on beef on weck, chicken mole tostadas, and Asian-style pork belly with sweet potato mash, all of which were designed to pair with an Alamos wine.

Check out photos from Adam Richman’s visit to The Daily Meal with Alamos Wines.

Watch the video: Adam Richman makes it Straight Up Tasty! STEVE HARVEY (May 2022).


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