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Pepper pesto

Pepper pesto

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Pepper pesto recipe from of 13-09-2016 [Updated on 20-01-2017]

I still missed the pepper pesto and I absolutely could not try to do it! By now you know: I like pesto in all sauces and in all versions and I particularly liked this one. To dress pasta, bruschetta, canapés, pepper pesto it will win you over for its strong but sweet taste.
Preparing it is very simple, just roast the peppers and then blend them with almonds, pine nuts, pecorino cheese and basil, you will get a cream with a bright color and a typically summer scent.
The temperatures are taking us towards autumn, but I still don't resign myself, until the last moment I want to bring summer on my plate;)


How to make pepper pesto

Roast the pepper on a hot grill, in the oven or in the microwave, then peel it.

Put the pepper in a blender with the almonds, pine nuts, salt and a few basil leaves and start blending.
Add oil a little at a time, blending for a while after each addition in order to emulsify the mixture well, until you get a fairly smooth and creamy consistency.

The pepper pesto is ready: use it to fill vol au vent, to season pasta or simply spread on bruschetta and canapes!

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