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Figs and raw ham

Figs and raw ham

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Recipe Figs and raw ham from of 24-08-2013 [Updated on 13-02-2015]

I made figs with raw ham and pecorino cheese the other night for an impromptu dinner at the last moment. This more than a recipe is an idea that can serve you if you have guests and want to bring to the table a quick appetizer but one that is also spectacular and above all good, the union of these 3 flavors together is fabulous and, if you never have tried to make them, I advise you to taste them :) Well girls I wish you a good weekend and I'm going to Ikea to buy the last things for the new office, September 2nd we start and very few things are missing, cross your fingers for myself!

Wash the figs, dry them and cut them by dividing them into 4 parts without dividing them at the base

Gently open the 4 wedges and place a slice of cured ham rolled up like a rose in the center

Arrange the figs with the raw ham in a serving dish

insert some pecorino flakes in the center of each fig and sprinkle with more pecorino flakes. serve

Video: Fig u0026 Goat Cheese Salad Recipe (May 2022).


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