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Gricia pasta

Gricia pasta

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Gricia pasta recipe by of 24-02-2015 [Updated on 12-06-2017]

Pasta alla gricia is a first course of Lazio origin, it seems to be the ancestor of the amatriciana, a poorer version due to the absence of tomatoes. But let's get to the recipe, last week Ivano went to a business appointment in Rome and came back enthusiastic about a dish of pasta alla gricia who had tasted in a restaurant not far from the capital, showed me the photo of his beautiful first course and made me so watery that the next day I bought the pig cheek and I prepared it too :)
Since this is a simple first course made up of few ingredients, for the recipe to be perfect, the latter must all be excellent, therefore a DOP pecorino romano, an excellent bacon and striped pasta that makes the sauce bond well, me in this way I got a mouth-watering gricia.
I just have to leave you to the recipe and wish you a good day.


How to make pasta alla gricia

Cut the guaciale into strips

In a large pan, brown the bacon with a tablespoon of oil

Once the bacon has become transparent and all the fat has melted, turn off the flame.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta in a pot with plenty of salted water.
Drain the pasta al dente, setting aside a ladle of cooking water and pour into the pan with the bacon.
Add the grated pecorino and plenty of black pepper

Mix the gricia pasta in a pan for a couple of minutes.

Then serve your pasta alla gricia on the plates

Video: how to make REAL CACIO E PEPE pasta (June 2022).


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