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9 Outrageous Kentucky Derby Hats

 9 Outrageous Kentucky Derby Hats

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Check out these conspicuous and semi-delicious looking Derby hats

Hungry? Just snack on your hat!

For those who live for Kentucky Derby Day, the mint juleps, the tea sandwiches, and the garland of roses are all essential to the celebration. But absolutely nothing compares to the traditions of wearing ostentatious hats.

Check Out These 9 Outrageous Kentucky Derby Hats

Racing on Market Street in downtown Louisville reportedly began as early as 1783.The famed Churchill Downs was conceived when 26-year-old Col. M. Lewis Clark thought up the Louisville Jockey Club while traveling through England and France in 1872.

After much work, the track officially opened on May 17, 1875, with three major stakes races: the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, and Clark Handicap, all of which have each been held continuously at Churchill Downs since that inaugural event.

Since then, the Kentucky Derby has evolved into a sports spectacle draped in high fashion and doused in tradition. The hats are actually thought to bring good luck! While the styles range from classy to hilarious, one thing is for certain — there are no rules when it comes to selecting a hat for Derby Day.

So why not get inspired to flaunt your love for food? We found some hilarious (and semi-delicious) hats you could totally rock for your own derby day party!

Breakfast Hat

Don a British breakfast hat — literally for your Derby party! If you want to make one like this at home, head to your local toy store. Purchase all the plastic food you can, a hot glue gun, a huge straw hat, and get to gluing!

Shrimp Hat

For a pick and peel look, check out this shrimp accessory.

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