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Potato cream soup with seafood

Potato cream soup with seafood

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First, the seafood and the salmon cubes, heat them in the pan with hot oil then take them out on a plate and season them with aromatic salt;

on small skewer sticks, put seafood with salmon, cover them with aluminum foil and leave them warm;

during this time, we heat the onion cut into large pieces in butter, we add the diced potatoes, the soup, and after the potatoes are very well cooked, we strain, we pass, in the obtained puree we add the coconut milk, the saffron;

if it seems too thick, add more of the remaining soup;

add the remaining salmon and seafood to the soup, season to taste and serve the soup in a bowl, sprinkled with saffron strands and thin strands of smoked salmon (optional) and the skewers.

Good appetite!!

Pumpkin cream soup with leeks and potatoes

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it into small pieces.

Put the sliced ​​pumpkin in a tray lined with baking paper with the garlic, sprinkle with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and put in the preheated oven at 190 degrees for 25 minutes.

Leeks cleaned and cut into suitable slices are fried in melted butter.

Peel the potatoes, cut into small pieces and add over the leeks.

Cover everything with vegetable soup, season and simmer.

When the potatoes are cooked, mix them with the baked pumpkin and pass everything in a blender.

At the end, add the Parmesan cheese, stirring lightly and thus we obtained a very healthy and delicious pumpkin cream soup.

Pumpkin cream soup with leeks and potatoes is served hot with bread croutons.

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables, used mainly as an ingredient in cooking soups for weight loss diets, due to its low calorie content. Celery adds a rustic taste to salads, a deep taste to soups and sauces, and a fresh flavor to other dishes. This classic celery cream soup with garlic is excellent for a dinner on a winter day, served hot with bread or croutons. It does not contain corn starch, I used a potato to get the desired consistency of the soup.

Wash and cut into cubes celery, onion, 2-3 cloves of garlic and a medium potato.

Put a teaspoon of oil in a large pot, add the garlic and grated ginger. Cook over low heat, then add diced onions and sprinkle with black pepper to taste. Add the peeled and diced potatoes.

The potato will help thicken the soup without adding cornstarch.

Cover the pan and cook for about 3-4 minutes.

Once the potatoes are soft, put the diced celery, another teaspoon of oil and two cups of water.

Season with salt and leave until the celery is soft.

After everything has boiled, let it cool and then mix everything until you get a soft paste.

Method of preparation

If you have a ready-made chicken soup, use it. If I don't tell you how I did it & hellip I often use the pressure cooker when I'm in a hurry. I used it this time too. So: the washed and cleaned chicken cutlery is put in the pot. Add the peeled potatoes and cut into cubes. Put on the fire and leave for 30 minutes when the soup starts to boil. After boiling, strain the soup and choose the boiled potatoes.

Put a little oil and butter in the pot in which we are going to make the soup. Heat, finely chop the onion and cook. After the onion has hardened and softened well, add a pinch of soup. Let it simmer until the onion is well cooked. Add the rest of the soup and potatoes.

While the soup is boiling, we take care of the garlic. Use the whole garlic cloves with the peel. Cut a little from the end of the head so that the grains can be seen. Put them on an aluminum foil, sprinkle with a little oil and a little salt. Wrap the garlic in foil, put the package in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes. The garlic is ripe when it becomes soft, and when you squeeze the core, it will come out easily. Add all the baked garlic core and place over the soup. Stir the soup well with a vertical blender until the soup becomes creamy. Use both potato and soup as you want the soup to be thick. Season to taste with salt and pepper, add sour cream for cooking and bring to a boil.

For parsley pesto: wash the parsley and choose the leaves. Put them in a food processor, add the other ingredients and mix until you get a paste. Store in a jar with a lid and refrigerate.

The soup is served with croutons, Greek fatty yogurt, fried pumpkin seeds, parsley pesto and a little oil flavored with chili.

Croutons are very easy to make: use 2 day old bread. Cut the bread into cubes, sprinkle with oil and various herbs. Put them in the tray with baking paper and bake for 5-10 minutes, until they become crispy. You're welcome.

Method of preparation


Put the oil in a saucepan when the oil is hot, put the finely chopped carrots and onions. Fry

Cream of potato soup

We wash and clean the vegetables: the carrots and the parsley, we cut the rounds, the onion and the onions,

Cream of potato and carrot soup with cumin seeds

I adore cream soups! Among my favorite soups are lentil cream soup and that of green pea, but this recipe for cream of potato and carrot soup she also entered the top!

I don't really kill myself for cumin, but I have to admit that it works great in potato dishes. Cumin also has wonders benefits for digestion, this being recommended even on the treatment pot!

Cream of potato and carrot soup with cumin seeds is made extremely quickly and is delicious! In fact, all cream soups are fast!

I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to add some croutons and it becomes a real delight!

Leek cream soup with potatoes and cream & # 8211 fine and creamy

Leek cream soup with potatoes and cream & # 8211 fine and creamy. How to make leek cream soup? Potato cream soup recipe with leeks and cream. Quick recipes. Cream soup recipes. Leek recipes.

This leek cream soup with potatoes and cream is one of the quick recipes with a wow result. In about 40 minutes the soup is ready and can be served. Its pleasant taste and creamy texture make it to the liking of children, I guarantee you that!

I'm a big fan of cream soups and I make them quite often. Leek is a floury vegetable that can be cooked in many ways and fits very well in this cream soup as well.

The color of my soup is a varnish, very fine and appetizing. I dislike soups in washed out, dull colors & # 8211 often a sign that the vegetables have been overcooked. Also, I'm not a fan of too thick cream soups that bring more with the purees. I prefer them more fluid. This aspect can be adjusted very easily according to everyone's preferences.

The French have the famous Soup a la Vichyssoise which is actually a cold potato soup with leeks and which is prepared on the basis of a stock of chicken (clear chicken soup). In the case of my soup, I tilted the scales towards leeks and added a parsnip root for a sweet taste and an additional fine aroma.

If I still mentioned the cream of potato soup, I invite you to discover it here.

The potatoes must be floury, special for puree (so that a sticky soup does not come out). The cream I use for this leek cream with potato soup is a sweet cream and has a min. 30% fat. So we are not talking about sour cream (fermented) for cabbage rolls or papanas. You can also choose cream for cooking if it is natural and has at least 30% fat & # 8211 from La Dorna for example (excluding imitations like Gran cucina etc).

The liquid in which the vegetables will boil should be a previously prepared chicken soup (see how it's done) or a vegetable (see here) but it's not a problem if you use hot water instead.

If you are a leek lover, I also recommend a delicious leek pie and quick cheese with thin sheets from the trade & # 8211 see here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 6 good servings of leek cream soup with potatoes and cream.

Cherry soup

Cherry soup is a cool and creamy Transylvanian summer soup. Known more in Transylvania and in Hungary, cherry soup is the children's favorite season and more. It cooks in 10 minutes, the procedure is extremely simple, but the result is WOW. I recommend this soup which is cool and flavorful.

When the cherries appear, I don't even know why to start. I would do that too simple cherry cake, and crumble with cherries, and cherry ice cream, and cherry sauce, we don't get tired of them anymore, but I have two & # 8222customers & # 8221 loyal to the soup and the cherry sauce: my father and the boy.

  • 200 g cherries
  • 20 g brown sugar
  • 10 g starch
  • 400 ml water
  • 1 slice of lemon
  • 50 ml natural whipped cream
  • a pinch of salt
  • a cinnamon powder
  • 5 cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • vanilla
  • mint leaves
  • whipped cream optional


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