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Coconut Schmite

Coconut Schmite

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For the countertop mix well the sugar, vanilla sugar, honey, margarine and mix everything well, then add the milk and flour mixed with baking powder. Mix a little more, then put the composition obtained in a tray (35/30) and put it in the oven heated to 180 degrees. cut it into strips, then into cubes or rectangles. Everyone as they wish.

For the cream put the powdered sugar with cocoa, rum essence and milk and mix well so that they do not become lumpy, then add the household chocolate and butter. Heat everything until the chocolate melts, then put the top pieces in the cream and then roll them in the coconut and the cake is ready to be served.

Great appetite!

"The Woman of the Sands", by Koko Abe

The author succeeds in a masterful analysis of the behavior of a man placed in a borderline situation. Kobo Abe's allegorical novel is considered one of the most valuable post-war Japanese works.

Niki Jumpei, the protagonist of the novel The Woman of the Sands, an amateur teacher and entomologist, discovers in some dunes a strange village, whose inhabitants live in dug holes in the sand. Held captive by a widow in one of the pits, he is forced to constantly remove the sand that threatens to bury the community. Drawing with a masterful machine the stages of revolt, defeat and then the resignation of the hero, Kobo Abe succeeds in a masterful analysis of the behavior of a man put in a borderline situation. Kobo Abe's allegorical novel is considered one of the most valuable post-war Japanese works.


Novelist, prose writer, playwright, literary critic, director and photographer, Kobo Abe (1924-1993) was born in Tokyo and spent his childhood in Mukden, Manchuria, and during the years of World War II. He graduated in medicine from Imperial University in Tokyo in 1948, but never practiced. His training as a physician is critically associated with the meticulous descriptions of objects and the detached, almost clinical tone of many of his writings. He began with a volume of poetry in 1947. He wrote several Kafkaesque stories and science fiction subjects, which were crowned with major awards. In 1957, the novel Fiarele se & icircntorc home appeared, but the international recognition will be brought by the Woman of the Sands, which imposes a writer related to Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett. In 1964 he published the novel Foreign Chip (1964), which addresses the relations between people and tries to define the nature of individual identity, a recurring theme and the Burnt Map (1967). He wrote over ten plays, directing a few of them. He has also successfully directed plays by Harold Pinter, Eugen Ionescu and Samuel Beckett. At Polirom Publishing House appeared: Burnt Map (2006), Foreign Face (2006) and The Box Man (2007).

From Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at the newsstands, only with Ziarul de Iaşi: & ldquoFemeia nisipurilor & rdquo, by Koko Abe
Price: 15 lei

The men in Maite Perroni's life. See who the actress' lovers were

Although he tries to keep his private life as far away from public opinion as possible, the details about Maite's relationship have always come to light.

Guido Laris, the band 's music producer RBD, and Maite formed a couple for three years. A few days after the band announced that they were breaking up, Maite and Guido decided to end the relationship as well.

Maite said the breakup happened because they went through a lot, and the relationship didn't last: "Yes, it's true that we ended this relationship, it was a relationship that went through many stages, through many processes, but it ended through to end ".

Evil mouths say that the couple's problems began with Maite's participation in the filming for the soap opera "Love with a Rebel Face", which kept the two away from each other and made Laris jealous of his girlfriend and William. Levy.

William Levy he starred with Maite in two soap operas: the first, "Love with a Rebel Face" in 2008 and "The Triumph of Love" in 2010. It has often been written about the two that they had a relationship, and this rumor was even fueled. by the two, after kissing in public, most likely, to promote their soap opera.

Another actor who was rumored to have a relationship with the beautiful Maite is her partner from "Fructul Oprit", Eugenio Siller. The two vehemently denied the rumors, saying they were just friends. About the love scenes from the soap opera, Maite recently said that at first it was very difficult for them, because they knew each other well and it was not natural, but then they started to get used to it.

Carlos de la Mota had a short-term relationship with Maite, which ended once the actress returned to the set with William Levy to film the soap opera "The Triumph of Love." The actress confirmed the breakup: "Life as a single woman became jealous, she pulled my sleeve and told me I was getting used to it badly. I think everything comes at the right time, I think that's how things happen."

Since 2010, Maite seemed to have found her happiness in his arms Mane de la Parra, with which she was always seen. The two got to know each other better during the filming for the soap opera "A Corner of Heaven" and remained inseparable. The actor speaks very nicely about his girlfriend: "Maite and I form a couple that complement each other, we are both professionals in what we do and we love this profession." The two broke up at the end of 2012, but remained friends.

Less than a year since she was alone, Maite Perroni revealed that she lives a beautiful love story with the famous producer Koko Stambuk.

Kokos Schmite - Recipes

Kokos Fun & ampPlay, the newest play and party space for children and adults in Bucharest and Ilfov, was inaugurated on Saturday, September 29. Geanina Ilies, Adina Halas, Andreea Perju, Roxana Blagu, Luana Ibacka, Octavia Geamanu participated in the opening of the most exotic and glamorous play and party space, together with the youngest members of the family.

Kokos Fun & ampPlay is your reliable ally when you want to surprise the little ones and the big ones and organize their most beautiful birthday party or when you want to spend an important moment of your life with family and friends.

With great dedication and enthusiasm we have created a playground and party for children, teenagers and adults, offering complete packages for organizing private and corporate events and other activities for children and the whole family. Our team is at your disposal to personalize your party with the menus, themes and decorations you want. We want all customers to be satisfied, that's why we meet everyone's needs. We are ready to answer all your questions and we can help you organize the most successful anniversary. We offer you a personalized concept depending on your wishes, the number of participants and the budget. ”, said Ana Maria Ghinea, owner of Kokos Fun & ampPlay.

Kokos Fun & ampPlay involves a generous space arranged on 3 levels, each level addressing a category of age and interest, as follows:

On the 1st floor there is the area for children 0-8 years, JUNGLE FUN, on the 2nd floor there is the BE A STAR area for pre-teens and teenagers 8-16 years old, and on the 3rd floor there is the area for adults 18 years +, called the GLAMOR CLUB area.

In the space allocated for small children and dwarfs, JUNGLE FUN Area, attractive and fun games and a journey in the Amazon jungle await them. Here your child will discover many interactive attractions for play and fun education: games for throwing and throwing obstacles, games for sorting by colors / shapes / sizes, socializing games, modular maze, trampoline, swings, climbing mode and slide , special creation and socialization areas, educational entertainment panels, soft play area for babies and role play areas.

The BE A STAR area is allocated for play and fun for pre-teens and teenagers. Single and duo video game consoles, with the latest games on the market, board games, arcade games, multi player games (Darts, Pylos, Throw, Quarto, X and O, Air hockey, Foosball) and, more chosen, Karaoke with the newest and most popular songs for the STAR in your child!

For both children and adults

At Kokos Fun & ampPlay, adults also have their own dedicated space, a lounge and hookah space. The GLAMOR CLUB area is dedicated to parents who want to spend quality time with friends and family! Attractions include: Billiards, Rummy, Quixo, Quoridor, Billiards, Ping Pong, Karaoke, everything you need for the hottest party. If you feel the need to break the daily routine, at Kokos Fun & ampPlay you have all the necessary ingredients to have fun and play like a child!

Kokos Fun & ampPlay helps you with customized offers, you can customize everything from themes and concepts, to sets and accessories from menus for children and adults, to workshops and shows from equipment rental and to the extra services that are put at your disposal. mood for the most successful party. Each space has a capacity of over 50 people / level.

Workshops and workshops

At the same time, Kokos Fun & ampPlay will soon launch themed days of workshops and workshops for children, for children and adults, for families or just for adults. For children: animators female and male characters, performances by actors, puppet theater performances, magic shows. Here is added a wide range of workshops and workshops: modeling balloons, face painting, diction and improvisation workshops, Fun Science, fun experiments, performances by children-artists. For families: creative workshops, interactive theater, entertainment shows and magic and ventriloquism shows For adults: entertainment shows, stand-up comedy, bands, percussion workshops, parenting, nutrition, etc.

Klaus Iohannis: Intolerable and completely unacceptable are the violent manifestations, extremism, xenophobia, all grossly hidden behind revolts & directed against measures designed to protect the life and health of all

President Klaus Iohannis condemns, in a message sent on Tuesday, the extremist and xenophobic violence and manifestations from the protests that took place the day before. The president also says that "the attempt to capture the protests politically" in order to transform them into vectors of the spread of hatred, xenophobia and anti-Semitism. The president says he understands Romanians who are unhappy after a year of restrictions and that these measures are the only ones that can help us reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Full statement by President Klaus Iohannis:

& bdquoRom & acircnia is a functional and mature democracy, & icircn in which the free expression of opinions is guaranteed. Freedom of thought cannot be restricted, we all have the right to an opinion and the right to express ourselves publicly. This is a non-negotiable principle and the foundation of a free society.

Demonstrations and protests are natural, legitimate and part of the structure of any functional democracy.

Intolerable and completely unacceptable are the violent manifestations, extremism, xenophobia, all of which are grossly hidden behind revolts directed against measures meant to protect the life and health of all. Including those who protest and deny the dramatic effects of a pandemic that has plagued more than a hundred million people and killed millions of souls globally.

I strongly condemn any attempt to capture the protests politically in order to turn them into vectors of the spread of hatred, xenophobia and anti-Semitism. Politicians, regardless of the party they come from, have a huge responsibility in these difficult times for our country.

Violence, instigation to disobey the law, to behaviors that endanger the lives of Romanians, extremism of any kind promoted in the name of the right to free expression are toxic and harmful. Hate and violence never lead to constructive results for society and, certainly, these reprehensible behaviors do not represent Romania.

Our country has now managed to overcome all the so-called waves of the pandemic precisely because the citizens, and the vast majority of them, have understood the need for measures, accept them, respect them and thank them for that.

At the same time, the fears, anxieties and dissatisfaction of the Roma, in this extremely difficult period, are natural and justified. I know it is getting harder and harder, I know we are tired after more than a year of health crisis. I know it is discouraging that the restrictions cannot be lifted, although we would all like this to be possible immediately.

Unfortunately, these measures are the only ones that can help us reduce the spread of coronavirus. The better we respect them, the shorter will be the period in which their imposition is necessary.

This is a choice for life, for the life and health of many Roma. There are already far too many families in Romania who have lost a loved one because of this terrible virus. Everyone's efforts and sacrifices, even if they are very hard, save lives, save the lives of our loved ones.

There is no other alternative to stop a galloping increase in the number of illnesses, which would lead to the blockage of the health system, with the most dramatic consequences.

The virus has no political color, no opinions. It acts indiscriminately and infects people whether or not they believe in its existence. That is why this pandemic is so dangerous, because everyone is exposed to the infection, and the most vulnerable of us risk taking extremely serious forms. But no one is completely safe from COVID-19, not even young people.

The only ways we will stop this pandemic are, on the one hand, the restrictions meant to stop human mobility and congestion and, on the other hand, vaccination.

The good news is that, in Romania, the vaccination campaign is well organized and accelerating every day.

We already see in countries that have been severely affected by the pandemic and that have vaccinated a large part of the population how immunization has a good influence on the rate of infection.

After a year of fighting this terrible pandemic, we are beginning to see the end and our hopes that this difficult period will end are fully justified and justified.

We must have a little more patience and go through this crisis situation together, as we have always done. That is why solidarity is so important at this time.

At the same time, the authorities responsible for managing the pandemic need to do more, engage in more dialogue with the people, explain to them why some measures have been implemented, what their efficiency and effectiveness are, what we hope to achieve and, above all, to offer the millions of Roma who respect the measures, make sacrifices and temporarily give up their comfort and freedoms, a reasonable time horizon at which they hope that these measures will take effect and be lifted.

Meet Tokyo 2020 hopeful Alica Schmidt, the ‘sexiest athlete in the world’ who stuns fans with sexy Instagram snaps

ATHLETICS star Alica Schmidt has been dubbed the sexiest athlete in the world after setting pulses racing with her raunchy Instagram posts.

The 21-year-old has been tipped as a future star of German athletics and she is set to shine at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

So far the Blonde stunner has been impressing at junior level and first came to prominence by helping Germany take silver in 4x400 relay at 2017 & # x27s European Athletics Under-20 Championships.

Schmidt, who turned 21 in November, carried on her success last year by helping the national quartet to the U23 European Championships bronze in the 4x400 relay.

However, the middle-distance runner is also turning heads off the track too with her sexy photos on social media.

Schmidt has over 625,000 followers on social media and she regularly posts pictures flaunting her stunning body.

As well as earning her plenty of social media followers, the Blonde bombshellâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s good looks led to her being named the & quotSexiest Athlete in the World & quot by Australian magazineâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

The German is likely to be a big name in athletics over the next few years and she is already sponsored by Puma, who also represents Jamaican track legend Usain Bolt.

Why do dilated pores appear

In order to be able to treat a skin problem, it is important to know the causes that led to its appearance. In the case of dilated pores, we are talking about a number of factors that can influence their dilation, namely:

  • Hygiene mistakes. The use of products that stimulate sebum production inevitably leads to pore dilation. The same effect has the products that excessly clean the skin, as well as their use more often than necessary.
  • Skin type. Usually, people who have oily skin and who experience an excess of sebum often have dilated pores.
  • Hormonal imbalances , which can occur especially during puberty or menopause, but also during pregnancy or at any other time in life.
  • Excessive makeup which blocks the pores, making it difficult to remove sebum
  • Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays , which promotes premature aging of the skin, as well as pore enlargement.
  • Genetic factors. We can inherit from parents the tendency to have open pores or a complexion with a tendency to gain weight.
  • Frequent sauna sessions, at high temperatures. Sauna promotes the opening of pores, which is why it is recommended to avoid it, especially if your skin is prone to such problems.

Loss of skin elasticity. As we age, the body begins to secrete less collagen, a protein that plays an important role in maintaining skin firmness without dilated pores.

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