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9.5m Limousine Tender Made to Accompany 73m "Mothership"

9.5m Limousine Tender Made to Accompany 73m

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Omega Charters, with the help of Makkum-based Hutting Yachts in the Netherlands, has created the limousine of yachts. According to Charter World, the 9.5m Limousine Tender was made to float alongside its 73m mamma megayacht that is currently being made in Ancona, Italy.

Sharing the bigger vessel's forward leaning design, the limo tender (which offers a smooth ride up to 41mph) has a "helmet shaped" glass roof, which extends down to the walls to sit flush against the surface. Hatches automatically slide open to allow guests inside, with enough space to accommodate 10. The helm station is found under a telescopic roof, right in front of a small foredeck that slides out of the bow to give guests an easy way to get to the beach.

If this is what the "baby" yacht looks like, we can't wait to see its larger "mothership."


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