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Chicken breast wrapped in cheese, with natural potatoes

Chicken breast wrapped in cheese, with natural potatoes

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First prepare the potatoes. Either clean, wash and boil in water with a little salt, or boil in the shell, cut into rounds (after cooling a little and peel) which are cut into an attractive shape. (I chose to cut them into hearts).

The chicken breast is washed, shaped and, if necessary, thinner, but very little (the slice of chicken breast must be at least 1 cm, so that it does not dry out during cooking).

Season the chicken breast, ready sliced ​​with: salt, pepper, oregano, grilled spice, Italian herbs and paprika, or chilli.

Let the chicken breast cool for 20-25 minutes, then cook on the grill, over low heat, until it penetrates easily on each side.

After the chicken breast slices have been prepared, on both sides, put them in a tray and cover them with cheese slices. Place the tray in the preheated oven, at medium temperature, until the cheese melts and “covers” the chicken breast.

Serve immediately with natural potatoes, sprinkled with melted butter and sprinkled with chopped parsley leaves.


Consider a portion of 175-200 grams / person.


Chicken breast slices should be at least 1 cm thick so that they do not dry out and harden when cooked.


Chicken breast slices can be seasoned before boiling the potatoes naturally, so that all the food is warm when serving.


Before putting the chicken breast slices on the grill, make sure it is well heated, then reduce the heat on the stove.


You can use the spices you like and be careful when dosing the hot ones.


Do not keep the slices wrapped in cheese in the oven too long, because it will melt and you will not get the expected effect.


You can combine a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, or cabbage.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peasant cake with apples

I don't think we need too much talk here! Our apple cake, made by my aunt, dear to the touch, and many other housewives, one of the successful "homemade" cakes, here it is, in all its wonder!

1kg and a half apples
20 g butter
a teaspoon

400g flour
250g butter
4 yolks
200g sugar
a little salt

Peel and grate about 1 - 1.5 kg of apples, and stir in a little butter, no sugar, just some cinnamon.
Mix the soft butter with the sugar, salt and egg yolks until the sugar melts. Then add the flour. Knead a homogeneous dough and leave it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, wrapped in foil.
I spread the two sheets with the rolling pin on a piece of plastic wrap, which I powder well with flour beforehand - otherwise it's hard. I put a sheet in the greased tray, spread the chopped and chilled apples over it, cover it with the second sheet, prick it from place to place with a fork, and grease the surface with a whole beaten egg, then sprinkle some
caster sugar.
I baked the cake for about 30-40 minutes at 200 degrees.

After it cooled, I cut it into not too small squares! About 5x5 cm.

It's good and warm! And is the dessert suitable for potato stew - let's call it peasant, too?

Neapolitan Easter (Arjana)

Tips for a special menu :)

I need suggestions for a menu. a nicer menu
It is a baptism, where the party will take place in the yard (not in the country, but still the house with the yard), in August. Guests will be like. 30-40, all young (that is, young at heart - 25-40 years old) and I thought we were grilling. So I need advice for appetizer and side dishes. and what else do you know there.
What else do I have to think about (organizing) besides the drink and the cake?
Thank you so much . and I look forward to your advice

# 2 star

Help of the porter

# 3 Maya

Grilling in the yard can save you and it's good, everyone generally likes it.
You can use meat you want, or everything to make something for every mouth

you can marinate pork, beef..or beat (classic grill)
grilled minced meat rolls
..all can be prepared in advance

salads..varied range..from the classic potato salad, cabbage, fresh vegetables, canned vegetables (pickle salads), to more exotic fruit salads
or mushroom salads, pasta salads ..

creams, sauces, dips
the indispensable garlic sauce
tzatziki / yogurt with cucumber and garlic
cream cheese with yogurt or sour cream with lots of spicy greens
exotic sauces with curry, saffron.

ice cream with fruit salad
ice cream cake..if it's hot and you can keep it until it's served

soft drinks as it contains
from lemonade and water to cold beer

or give us some details ... and we will help you with recipes, in the way you need

# 4 Croc

I thought you could put yourself in my situation and suggest to me what you would do.
I thought:

-Appetizer (sausages, cheeses, vegetables). and I need another "filling" as only the classic appetizer seems too common.
- sarmalute in beef sheets (as at the wedding / baptism it's a bit like sarmale. or at least that's how I know, but being in the summer the normal ones don't work very well)
- grill (pork, beef, poultry, small. I wouldn't go for fish, because the grill should be washed and I don't know if it's enough time). What garnish would go on the grill? The husband wants sauerkraut. would it work What else fits?
- the dessert will be clearly bought (cake, cakes, cake. they are super good and not worth the effort)
- Coffee

Drinks: juices, water, wine, beer, champagne, strength (whiskey / cognac / tuica)

What do you say? Does it work that way? And maybe you suggest something for me. appetizer and grilled garnish (but also for the August heat). I don't care if something comes to mind. it killed my pregnancy and my last neuron

# 5 star

Help of the porter

sorry. I thought you wanted links.
I would now make the sarmalute into beef sheets, freeze them (raw), and boil them then. they are just like freshly made.
on the grill, considering that it will be hot, I would bet a lot on salads (potatoes, tabouleh, tomato-pepper-onion-cucumber, tzatziki, grated cucumber with yogurt and garlic, lettuce, etc.)
if you have the courage to make sauerkraut, why not, but it's pretty gritty.
fish can be wrapped in grilled aluminum foil.
happyalex's accordion potatoes, naturally, are a beautiful garnish, but for many it's a lot of work.
you can make a pumpkin custard, which is served cold.
or a pot of eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes, and possibly zucchini, made the day before, served cold.

for appetizers, I would put many vegetables (small tomatoes, bell peppers, fennel, cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc.) with different dips (more or less spicy sauces from sour cream / yogurt, and various spices and / or greens. )
Personally, I often make cakes with olives (it's a recipe for appetizers made by us, I think) and I freeze it. after which I let it thaw, and serve cut on a wooden bottom.
here I buy some drier salami, and put slices on the plate.
small and spicy meatballs, (usually disappear quickly)
mushroom salad with mayonnaise.
and those bell peppers of different colors, filled with a cream cheese and cut (looks good), I don't know who put a recipe.
I think Gandalici put a recipe with * candy * appetizer, made of cheese, rolled in various spices, and placed as candy in the formwork.
foie gras and cheese / meat / tuna or whatever you want.
at salty muffins you can find all kinds of recipes.
if I don't copy from you what I saved. there are also recipes in Italian. if you are interested I can send you a PM.

It is important to be able to take advantage, not to be too stressed, so it is good to do some of the time, and to freeze.
and especially, don't make every one * saturated * for 30-40 people, but reasonable from several things, otherwise you risk having leftovers, or you make a mess.

# 6 oanaC

Buna Kroko
What a match I also baptize my little girl, in Bucharest, also in the yard, also 50 people but at the beginning of June
For the aperitif I thought of:
-cream cheese with dill on half peppers
-eggplant salad
-ham rolls with raw salad
-stuffed eggs
-beef salad-I know it's not the season, but my mother makes a sensational salad after which she sighs the whole gathering
-red tomatoes, cucumbers, olives

Samale in beef leaves with sour cream, sarmale in cabbage leaves with hot peppers and polenta

Then grilled, with pork, small and chicken legs, with white cabbage salad and potato garnish-baked or baked, and garlic sauces, cooked vegetables, I still think about these.

Cake I want to order from a good confectionery

For drinks, coffee, juices, plain and mineral water and a dry white wine, in addition to some spirits that I have some guests who only drink something like that.

# 7 oanaC

All my guests are edible, and will be late into the night.
For the next day, at the bathing party, we will be fewer and more between us
so it will be grilled, but with marinated chicken, pork ribs as well, a pasta salad that is served cold, with cold beer and then a homemade cake, maybe tiramisu, maybe a strawberry cake if there are more then.

If you have suggestions, they are welcome anyway I promise to show you what came out

# 8 Croc

Stella, just like the "wall in my mouth" I wanted to thank you a lot & # 33 I'll copy everything because they seem like super good ideas
Do you think the cabbage is & quotghiftuitoare & quot? Why? I only make it with a little oil, a little onion and a lot of tomatoes. and it comes out perfectly easy. says the husband, that I have a ban on cabbage.
The vegetable pot looks great to me. did you give me an idea & # 33 Are you sure you mean Ratatouille (I don't know if I wrote well)? Can it be eaten cold? That I only know him warmly.

Oana, even as a coincidence & # 33 It means that your bblina is already & quotiesita & quot since you already do it in June. My surprise is still a little warm (I hope at least).
And know that you reassured me. Let me tell you why: we do not live in the country, we come in August for & quot; leave & quot (if you can call it leave with a small bb and a 3-year-old child - we still have a bandit) and ptr. christening. I saw that most of the people in the country do the baptism at the restaurant, so much so that you say it's a wedding. And when we thought of having fun in the yard, almost everyone jumped with: & quot what does the world say? & Quot. I started to worry too. You know how to say it. especially: & quotvine from outside and can't afford a restaurant. & quot. To be honest, I also think about costs (especially because I don't want baptismal gifts), but I also think about children (because I don't want to keep them in smoke and noise and I would send them home - with my mother, because I don't have anyone else, who in this case wouldn't be present) and at the & quot; sorry & quot; That's how I make a safe / better menu, we can stay as long as we want, plus the older children - there will be more - playing in the garden.
But now seeing that there are others like me, I calmed down. I'm really starting to get happy. My parents tell me that it rained in my bucket and that they didn't know how to keep the tent from falling on the guests. and they still had a great time. The weddings were held with a bigger gala, at the restaurant. what has changed the world & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

# 9 Crocus

Oana, so. that I made a pointless blah-blah. to get to work:

- what are those & quot; ham rolls with raw salad & quot?

Let me give you another idea: appetizers - but as a grilled garnish
vegetables (mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes) cut into slices or so as not to escape through the grill. Chopped and seasoned (salt, pepper, Italian greens, olive oil, garlic) the day before. Grilled - not too hard not to burn - and put the pile in a bowl, then add to taste olive oil, salt, pepper, greens, garlic. They can be served hot (if you have time to grill vegetables) or prepared the day before and served cold.

The big bandit woke me up. I'll be back tomorrow with a potato salad recipe from J. Oliver. good and for heat.

# 10 star

Help of the porter

So, I think cabbage is delicious, because I really like it, made stewed with tomatoes and dill, and a lot of pepper.
and then I don't eat anything else. So I wouldn't eat any more.
I was referring to ratatouille, which is perfectly good and cold.
and I find the idea of ​​doing it in the yard very good. children can play, if they are tired, you can put them to bed,
and the food will definitely be tastier, and I'll be better at home than at the restaurant. In my opinion.
easy birth and only good.

# 11 oanaC

Kroko my opinion is that whoever wants to have fun and feel good can do it anywhere, in a tiny block of flats, in the yard or at the restaurant. because we are & quot; large family & quot-only with close relatives we are 16 -almost there is no month of the year in which we do not have an anniversary, so we tried all possible options the last find-we celebrate by going fishing.
I would have liked the baptism at the restaurant, less hassle, but I did not find something that would suit me-where the food was good, the room was too small or there was no air conditioning, and where everything was ok they had some incredible prices
So I opted for the yard, to the joy of the majority (who live in the block) and the children who will have full freedom.
The menu, as you can see, is classic, I would have liked a light one like the one suggested by Maya, but the guests are used to something consistent - I think it's "our disease", our Romanians.
I once tried to make something easy, it was my birthday and a brother-in-law's name, because I was coming after a long series of birthdays I decided to do something simple, an Italian evening, where we brought lasagna, the other celebrated red wine and brothers niste tiramisu. When I got there with lasagna, my host's sister-in-law (because I have two) had already put caviar appetizers, two kinds of salami, eggplant salad, cheese while the sarmales were made in the oven, made especially for the mother-in-law event. ditai chiolhanul.

Returning to our sheep, my baby will have three months and two days at baptism, I stay with her all the time, so I can't prepare much for my mother and mother-in-law to live.
For the next day's party, from bathing, they would make me some specialties, so I'm very curious to see Jamie Olivier's salad, especially since I'm a Jamie fan.

# 12 raluca_teodora

For a long time I have been browsing the kitchen, I am trying another recipe, in order to be able to configure the ideal table for the one-year anniversary of my leg. As there are almost two months left until then, we are not yet sure where the parties will be. That there will be two. One will surely be in the yard. The second will be chosen between the yard and the block.

Being about close things (baptism, word) and also about the yard, I think I can help you with any idea of ​​mine.
Anyway, in optimal time and financial conditions, I, in general, would do something like this:
Cold appetizers, among others - appetizer cake
http: //www.culinar.r. wtopic = 8306 & amphl =

& quot; dressed plums & quot (with these I know I would make a little sensation)
http: //www.culinar.r. wtopic = 6211 & amphl =
or if they are not prunes, I would replace them with chicken liver

I've seen some mozzarella salads before, but I can't find the link anymore.

I would also try some choux, filled with various salts (more precisely cheese paste with greens)

There would also be sausage and cheese platters.

I would not want to do anything with mayonnaise, being July, it is risky, but also difficult. digestible.

That would be, by and large, the appetizers.

The main course would be, as in your case, Kroko, grills, steaks and other small dishes. Definitely with Happyalex's accordion potatoes, in which I wouldn't "quote" the salami.
http: //www.culinar.r. w. c = 14970 & amphl =

In terms of sweets, it would be the cream, filled with Adriana Nicoleta's vanilla cream (and I can't find the link & # 33). I tested it, it's excellent, only you have to make double the amount compared to the given recipe, in order to fill the sheets well.

My pleasure and pain are both, so it must be on the list & # 33

Regarding the tortures (there will be two), I have not yet decided on the way they will look. I saw some nice pictures on a site whose link was given here, somewhere.
If it's ok, I put the pictures, if not, I ask the admins to delete them. The creams are still "quoted"

That would be it. if I have any more ideas, I'll take her by the hand and come with her here & # 33

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tort Ferrero Rocher

On January 28, my husband and I celebrated our 21st birthday. I said to mark the day with a cake I had planned for my birthday last year, but it wasn't to be. Now I have managed to fulfill my wish. It's not hard to do, but I got a little complicated with the gold star foil, chocolate transfer foil, which I bought a long time ago and still postponed using it. I thought it was exactly the right time and cake to use it, so I set to work.
I viewed many recipes, many pictures and videos for this recipe, I documented myself like a book and I started from Mirela's recipe, MireMirc, for which I thank her very much.

5 eggs,
a pinch of salt,
6 lg sugar,
200g ground hazelnuts,
2 lg cocoa,
2 lg flour,
1.5 lgt baking powder.

200 g butter,
200 g dark chocolate,
5 lg Nutella,
8 Ferrero Rocher candies.

a star chocolate transfer foil,
100g dark chocolate for folie,
100g dark chocolate,
100ml liquid cream,
8 Ferrero Rocher candies,
golden fairy dust.

The first time we pull the 200g hazelnuts in a fat-free pan.

Let them cool, then peel them.

Then we grind them with the nut grinder or any other device you have.

countertop : we mix the egg whites with the salt powder, we add the sugar, mixing until it melts and we obtain a firm and glossy meringue.
Mix the yolks with a pinch of salt, sift the flour - I put 4 tablespoons - with baking powder and cocoa.

Gradually add a tablespoon of meringue and mix gently from bottom to top until incorporated.

Bake the top in the shape (d = 21 cm) lined with baking paper,

in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes. Check with a skewer if it's baked, after 35 minutes there were still marks on the stick, so I left it for another 10 minutes.
Allow to cool, then cut the countertop twice horizontally, resulting in three countertops. The top is really big even if it is made of 5 eggs and only with 2-4 tablespoons of flour -)

I placed the first countertop directly on a heart-shaped gold cardboard -)

Cream : we mix the butter -I used 65% fat, then over it we add a tablespoon by tablespoon of Nutella, -I put 7 tablespoons !!

-then the melted and cooled chocolate and the chopped Ferrero Rocher candies (they must be kept in the fridge to chop them lightly)

or wafers with hazelnut cream. Then homogenize the cream

Assembly: Spread a portion of cream on each counter.

Over the third countertop we spread the third portion of cream, but we also cover the whole cake with it.

Chocolate transfer foil: measure the height of the ready-assembled cake, then cut the foil. I had to cut two strips so I could cover the entire edge of the cake. I melted the chocolate-unfortunately, I only have a dark chocolate with coffee, with coffee beans, real, that's why it appears with bulbs through it: P and I spread it over the foils with the stars up. Put the foils on aluminum foil or baking paper.

I left them at room temperature to harden a little, but not very carefully! -Because they have to be a little soft to adhere to the cream on the cake. If it is too hard and dry, it will not stick. I ran my hand over the foil when I applied it, to stick well to the cake and then I peeled off the foil.

I sprinkled fairy dust all over the surface of the cake. Here is the recipe.
Melt 100g of dark chocolate, mix with 100ml of liquid cream, mix until smooth, pour it into a bag with your favorite dui and sprinkle over the cake next to the chocolate foil and at the base of the cake, also next to the chocolate foil. I'm not very good at this phase, I choose the wrong dui, my pussy breaks, my cream comes out next to the dui-I don't know what's going on, but I don't have peace either!

I cut two hearts out of a piece of chocolate foil and put them in the fridge to harden.

When I peeled them off the foil, I put the chocolate hearts on the cake, supported by a Ferrero Rocher candy.


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